Massive Corporation
We're massively corporate

Defining A New Paradigm Shift in Corporate Massiveness: Our Story

A Massive Spirit
Our working motivation is based on the simple premise that we are a massive corporation, and we must continue to be both massive and corporate.

Our goal is to make sure corporateness is woven into the fabric of our company - into all our processes, into day-to-day business practices, creating a mindset within every employee and manager that will allow them to consciously think about corporate massiveness in everything that they do. No other organization can outperform us at what we do best: being not just another massive corporation, but the one and only Massive Corporation.

Through years of corporate implementation, we have become masters of thinking within the box. To that end, we have constructed many layers of bureaucracy to ensure an unmatched level of corporate quality. Our entire culture reflects this, and it is a mission we all take seriously. In fact, we require all employees to look serious 100% of the time.

Looking the Part

We look like we know what we're doing. And we like to look knowingly at what we're doing. We're doing knowing like we're looking. And like doing, we're knowing while doing looking. Look at what we're doing - you'll like what you're looking at. We know it.