The Real Deal: Okay, okay. As you've probably figured out, there is no real "Massive Corporation." I (Richard Smith) am a graphic artist/writer/web designer, and this is my personal site to house my portfolios and other online projects. I wanted to create a site with a ridiculously "corporate" image, just to have some more substance than, "I'm-some-nobody-now-here's-my-portfolio."

I was inspired by the over-the-top corporate look of some stock photography CDs (FAQ #9), so I used that as the premise for the site: these people certainly look serious and intense, but about what? When you view the CD collections as a whole, the individual photos start to appear extremely staged, so the notion of these "corporate" people actually running a business becomes laughable.

However, I liked that idea. I liked it so much, I bought the company!
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