Massive Corporation
This is what They say

Cultural Propaganda: What We Say is What You Say "They" Say

What other organization but a massive corporation such as ourselves could possibly regulate the task of clichés and trite sayings for the entire English-speaking world?

For generations, our "They" division has been impregnating our common vernacular with useful, witty remarks. Also, They have been doing this with banal, trite remarks. We show no bias toward quality when it comes to what they say. You probably have some of our phrases in your lexicon right now. Some examples:

"It's only a theory"
"Anyone can whistle"
"The road ain't no place to start a family"
"Children, behave"
"It builds character"
"This will only hurt a little bit"

*Disclaimer: Massive Corporation's "They" is in no way affiliated with "They All" as in, "that's what they all say."